Accepted Papers

DynamiQS: Quantum Secure Authentication for Dynamic Charging of Electric Vehicles
Tommaso Bianchi1, Alessandro Brighente1, and Mauro Conti1 2
1 University of Padova
2 Delft University of Technology

Practical Integrity Validation in the Smart Home with HomeEndorser
Kaushal Kafle1, Kirti Jagtap2, Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers3, Trent Jaeger4, and Adwait Nadkarni1
1 William & Mary
2 Penn State University
3 University of Cambridge
4 University of California, Riverside

Covert Communications with Simultaneous Multi-Modal Transmission
Rahul Aggarwal1, Justin Kong2, Terrence J. Moore2, Jihun Choi2, Predrag Spasojevic1, and Fikadu T. Dagefu2
1 Rutgers University
2 U.S. DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory

System-level Analysis of Adversarial Attacks and Defenses on Intelligence in O-RAN based Cellular Networks
Azuka Chiejina1, Brian Kim2, Kaushik Chowhdury2, and Vijay K Shah1
1 George Mason University
2 Northeastern University

Over-the-Air Runtime Wi-Fi MAC Address Re-randomization
Hongyu Jin1 and Panos Papadimitratos1
1 KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Seeing Is Believing: Extracting Semantic Information from Video for Verifying IoT Events
Chenglong Fu1, Xiaojiang Du2, Qiang Zeng3, Zhenyu Zhao4, Fei Zuo5, and Jia Di6
1 University of North Carolina at Charlotte
2 Stevens Institute of Technology
3 George Mason University
4 Temple University
5 University of Central Oklahoma
6 University of Arkansas