Accepted Papers

Security Testing The O-RAN Near-Real Time RIC & A1 Interface
Kashyap Thimmaraju1, Altaf Shaik1, Sunniva Flueck1 2, Pere Joan Fullana1, Christian Werling1, and Jean-Pierre Seifert1
1 Technische Universität Berlin
2 ETH Zürich

UWB-Auth: A UWB-based Two Factor Authentication Platform
Yifeng Cao1, Ashutosh Dhekne1, and Mostafa Ammar1
1 Georgia Institute of Technology

Keyless Entry: Breaking and Entering eMMC RPMB with EMFI
Aya Fukami1 and Richard Buurke2
1 University of Amsterdam, Netherlands Forensic Institution
2 Netherlands Forensic Institution

Privacy-preserving pseudonyms for LoRaWAN
Samuel Pélissier1, Jan Aalmoes1, Abhishek Kumar Mishra1, Mathieu Cunche1, Vincent Roca2, and Didier Donsez2
1 INSA Lyon, Inria
2 Univ. Grenoble Alpes, Inria, LIG

Watch Nearby! Privacy Analysis of the People Nearby Service of Telegram
Maurantonio Caprolu1, Savio Sciancalepore2, Aleksandar Grigorov2, Velyan Kolev2, and Gabriele Oligeri3
2 TUe

Securing Contrastive mmWave-based Human Activity Recognition against Adversarial Label Flipping
Amit Singha1, Ziqian Bi1, Tao Li1, Yimin Chen2, and Yanchao Zhang3
1 Purdue University
2 University of Massachusetts
3 Arizona State University

Random Access Failure Attack on Cellular Networks: Forcing Timing Advance Misalignment
Edward Kwao1, Jaehun Lee2, Jinmo Park2, Byeongdo Hong2, Taehoon Kim3, and Inkyu Bang3
1 George Mason University
2 The Affiliated Institute of ETRI
3 Hanbat National University

SSID Confusion: Making Wi-Fi Clients Connect to the Wrong Network
Héloïse Gollier1 and Mathy Vanhoef1
1 DistriNet, KU Leuven

Swipe2Pair: Secure and Fast In-Band Wireless Device Pairing
Yaqi He1, Kai Zeng1, Long Jiao2, Brian L. Mark1, and Khaled N. Khasawneh1
1 George Mason University, VA 22030
2 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Enhancing QR Code System Security by Verifying the Scanner's Gripping Hand Biometric
Ruxin Wang1, Long Huang1, Kaitlyn Madden1, and Chen Wang1
1 Louisiana State University

PROV5GC: Hardening 5G Core Network Security with Attack Detection and Attribution Based on Provenance Graphs
Harsh Sanjay Pacherkar1 and Guanhua Yan1
1 Binghamton University, State University of New York

AnomGraphAdv: Enhancing Anomaly and Network Intrusion Detection in Wireless Networks Using Adversarial Training and Temporal Graph Networks
Supriya Bajpai1, Pagadala Krishna Murthy1, and Niraj Kumar1
1 Fujitsu Research of India

Uncovering Security Vulnerabilities in Real-world Implementation and Deployment of 5G Messaging Services
Yaru Yang1, Yiming Zhang1, Tao Wan2, Chuhan Wang1, Haixin Duan2 3, Jianjun Chen2 4, and Yishen Li1
1 Tsinghua University
2 CableLabs & Carleton University
3 Quancheng Laboratory
4 Zhongguancun Laboratory

On Continuously Verifying Device-level Functional Integrity by Monitoring Correlated Smart Home Devices
Shiva Sunar1, Paria Shirani2, Suryadipta Majumdar1, and J. David Brown3
1 Concordia University
2 University of Ottawa
3 Defence Research and Development Canada

From Sound to Sight: Audio-Visual Fusion and Deep Learning for Drone Detection
Ildi Alla1, Hervé B. Olou, Valeria Loscri1, and Marco Levorato2
2 University of California, Irvine

5GAC-Analyzer: Identifying Over-Privilege Between 5G Core Network Functions
Seaver Thorn1, K. Virgil English1, Kevin Butler2, and William Enck1
1 North Carolina State University
2 University of Florida

De-anonymizing VR Avatars using Non-VR Motion Side-channels
Mohd Sabra1, Nisha Vinayaga Sureshkanth1, Ari Sharma2, Anindya Maiti3, and Murtuza Jadliwala1
1 University of Texas at San Antonio
2 University of Texas at Austin
3 University of Oklahoma

Fewer Demands, More Chances: Active Eavesdropping in MU-MIMO Systems
Xingya Zhao1, Anwesha Roy1, Avishek Banerjee1, and Kannan Srinivasan1
1 The Ohio State University

Detecting Battery Cells with Harmonic Radar
Cesar Arguello1, Beatrice Perez2, Timothy J. Pierson1, and David Kotz1
1 Dartmouth College
2 Riverside Research Institute

No Blind Spots: On the Resiliency of Device Fingerprints to Hardware Warm-Up Through Sequential Transfer Learning
Abdurrahman Elmaghbub1 and Bechir Hamdaoui1
1 Oregon State University

VSAsTer: Uncovering Inherent Security Issues in Current VSAT System Practices
Johannes Willbold1, Moritz Schloegel2, Robin Bisping3, Martin Strohmeier4, Thorsten Holz2, and Vincent Lenders2 5
1 Ruhr University Bochum
2 CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security
3 ETH Zürich
4 Cyber-Defence Campus, aramsuisse Science + Technology
5 Armasuisse

Performance Evaluation of Transport Layer Security in the 5G Core Control Plane
Oliver Zeidler1, Julian Sturm2, Daniel Fraunholz2, and Wolfgang Kellerer1
1 Technical University of Munich

ASTRA-5G: Automated Over-the-Air Security Testing and Research Architecture for 5G SA Devices
Syed Khandker1, Michele Guerra2, Evangelos Bitsikas3, Roger Piqueras Jover4, Aanjhan Ranganathan3, and Christina Pöpper1
1 New York University Abu Dhabi
2 University of Molise
3 Northeastern University
4 Google